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Sumerian Irrigation - Services - Installaion

A well-designed sprinkler system deserves nothing less than the best quality irrigation parts. We only use parts from the best manufacturers in the business for our irrigation istallation projects. However, over the years we have found that each manufacturer has a product that it makes best. Since all the parts work well together no matter who makes them, we often choose the best parts from each manufacturer in order to install the best possible quality sprinkler system. Your site conditions will also play a role in which manufacturer's component we use. The end result is an efficient, well-constructed sprinkling system that will function with precision for many years to come.

A new sprinkler system consists of sprinkler heads, valves, a backflow preventor, a timer, wiring and pipe. The pipe is put into the ground with a pipe-pulling machine. Instead of digging unsightly trenches, this machine leaves only a narrow trail in the lawn which usually grows back completely in 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the weather. (Some trails may take longer to disappear when the weather is hot as the grass does not grow as quickly). During a typical irrigation installation we install the timer in the garage for convenience, and we install all heads and valves as designed. When complete, the system is thoroughly tested and adjusted for accuracy.

What will my lawn look like after an underground sprinkler is put in? Here's a series of photos that shows some of the steps of a typical underground irrigation installation!