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Sumerian Irrigation - Start Up

Spring Opening

If Sumerian Irrigation installed your lawn sprinkler system, you can expect to have it scheduled to be opened sometime during the month or April. However, our start date may vary from year to year depending on the weather. In the case of a "late" or delayed spring, we may need the first week or two in May to get all of our customers up and running.

  • For customers whom have signed up under are Service Aggrement, we will automatically schedule your spring lawn sprinkler system opening. In this case, there is nothing that the customer will need to do in advance of the technician's arrival. We will leave a notice at your home stating that we have opened your irrigation system.
  • For customers who have not signed a Service Aggrement, we will need access inside the house to turn on the water supply valve (usually in the basement), along with access to the controller (usually inside the garage). A representative from Sumerian Irrigation will call in advance to schedule the day and time of service.
At your irrigation systems spring opening, one of our trained lawn sprinkler technicians will activate your irrigation system. They will inspect and adjust all sprinkler heads, replace any heads that do not rotate or are broken, test your rain sensor and inspect each zone for leaks.

Spring Open Lawn Sprinkler Systems:
  1. The back flow preventer is first pressurized and checked for any leaks
  2. All zones lines are tested
  3. The Rain Sensor is tested to be sure that it is working properly
  4. Rotary heads are checked to make sure they are rotating
  5. Spray heads are checked to be sure that the nozzles are not clogged and that they operate properly
  6. Any heads that are blocked due to overgrowth will be raised
  7. All heads are checked for proper adjustment